BEVILACQUA, VERONA, ITALY — Aermec’s WWM is a stackable, modular water-to-water chiller unit. The WWM supports up to 32 connectable units and each module has two 15-hp circuits. The modules can be linked together side by side, back to back, or stacked to reach a capacity of 960 ton. No clearance is required on the top, sides, or back. Each individual module is an independent indoor chiller for producing cooled water with high-efficiency scroll compressors and plate type heat exchangers.

Each unit has its own electrical panel and the control logic ensures that every module works together. This guarantees continuity even if one module malfunctions or goes into lockout. Units can be removed for maintenance without shutting the system off. The real advantage of this unit is the high efficiency and small footprint. The precise choice of components, the special configuration, and the possibility to connect several independent modules and manage them as if they were a single unit are all aspects that guarantee maximum output at full load, whilst ensuring continuous adaptation to service needs.

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Publication date: 02/16/18