Honeywell’s new Transportation Attitude Reference Sensor (TARS) is a packaged sensor array that enables autonomous vehicle characteristics and enhances efficiency for heavy-duty, off-highway vehicles.

The sensor can report vehicle angular rate, acceleration, and inclination data for construction equipment, such as excavators, skid steer loaders, and backhoes. The TARS inertial measurement unit integrates with a vehicle’s electronic control unit to provide actionable information about the movement of the machine.

For example, the system can limit wheel slippage incidents by sensing vehicle movement. If it identifies traction loss, the vehicle’s control system could be programmed to automatically reduce power to the wheels to prevent an accident.

The sensor can be used in a range of applications, including equipment control, linear position, bucket control, vehicle stability control, and operator-assisted control.

The TARS series features:

The ability to report vehicle angular rate, acceleration, and inclination;

IP67 and IP69K certification for performance in harsh, challenging environments;

Support for 5- and 9-volt to 36-volt vehicle power systems; and

Operating temperature of minus 40° to 185°F.

Honeywell offers other equipment manufacturers the option of a pre-configured sensor, which provides convenient and efficient installation. For more information, visit