Sandy Hook, Conn. – DDI System, a leader in the ERP software technology space, unveiled several new eCommerce tools and features proving its dedication to delivering a fully integrated, end-to-end solution for wholesale distributors.

DDI System’s Inform eCommerce solution is an affordable, real-time storefront that uses real customer product, pricing and contact specific information from Inform ERP to populate online stores. This real-time information gives distributors up to the minute pricing, product availability and order history without double order entry.

DDI’s new Drag and Drop ‘Build-My-Site’ technology is a front page WYSWYG editor. This allows distributors to quickly add images, videos, text and rearrange page elements on the fly, without any previous design knowledge. Users will experience a streamlined approach to customizing web content, placement and design, all while displaying their products, affiliations and premier content with ease. Showcasing the new eCommerce technology could not come at a better time as distributors are feeling pressure from large digital giants pulling market share and heading into the close of the year. These new additions to Inform ERP are evidence of DDI’s unwavering commitment to wholesale distributors.

“This new technology delivers exactly what distributors need today—an easy to use, highly adaptable and affordable solution to present products and services to customers. Drag and Drop technology allows customers to interact with their distributor of choice with confidence because it provides a professional looking, unique website that stands out from the competition,” says Rachel Maley, DDI’s eCommerce Solutions Analyst.

In a recent HubSpot survey, 76% of B2B buyers said they want an easy to navigate website. DDI System’s strives to deliver on those expectations by ensuring the distributors they serve can adapt an eCommerce strategy and easily maintain it. DDI System’s Inform eCommerce is just another example of the company’s continued ERP enhancements designed to support its growing distributor base and the clients they serve, every day. Dominic Carusi of Casey EMI talks directly about the impact Inform eCommerce has already had on their business saying “25% of our orders now come in as a result of our customer facing website”.

Understanding how eCommerce plays a critical role in the shift for wholesale distributors and the immediate impact this technology has on the future of a business can be complex, especially for businesses that believe their existing systems are sustaining them just fine.  But as Todd Traecy explains, eCommece is the way of the future if you want to remain competitive. “We saw an opportunity to reach out to the next generation of buyers. One of the ways to do this is to have an eCommerce platform that allows your customers the ability to order online – and see all of their orders through a customer portal on the web,” says Atlantic Paper & Supply Company’s Todd Traecy. “DDI gives us the capability to cast a much larger shadow with eCommerce technology and compete with much larger companies.”

DDI’s Inform ERP software drives daily operations for more than 950 wholesale distribution clients in the Wholesale Hard Goods, PHCP, HVAC, PVF, Industrial & Safety, Paper and Packaging, Foodservice Equipment, Fastener & Bearing, Stocking Manufacturers Reps, Irrigation, Fluid Power Equipment, Electrical and Lighting industries.

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