COLUMBUS, Ohio – HARDI has announced the lineup for its Supply Chain Excellence Focus Conference March 26-28 in Tempe, Arizona. The conference is a combination of two previous Focus Conferences: Purchasing and Operations & Logistics. Sessions will cover a wide array of topics regarding distributors optimizing the flow of products in their businesses. Jim Tompkins, the keynote speaker, will talk to attendees about getting in front of the digital revolution.

HARDI members can look forward to observing the following eight sessions:

Jim Tompkins (Keynote)

The ABC’s of the Impact of Digital Disruptions to Distributor’s Supply Chains

Digital disruptions are affecting supply chains and the way business is being done. Businesses cannot be successful in the digital era with yesterday’s supply chain practices and technologies. This is the time to address the ABC’s of supply chain digital disruptions and this presentation will lay the ground work for you to get out in front of this revolution.

Tom Cannizzo & George Muha

Transportation Today: Why You Need a TMS to Thrive

Cannizzo and Muha will discuss how the integration of a transportation management system (TMS) with a shipper’s existing system provides a quick ROI. In today’s on-demand Software-as-a-Service environment, integrating a TMS system has become much simpler. Learn how a TMS could reduce your operating expenses and help you make better informed decisions.

Shelley Row

Go with Your Gut: Effective Decision-Making in an Over-Thinking World

Row discusses the common challenges every decision maker is faced with and offers guidance on how to improve this skill. Row’s interviews with 77 executives combined with neuroscience and her own engineering experience show that the most effective decision-making comes from the skilled balance of cognition and intuition.

Ken Ackerman

Leadership On the Warehouse Floor

Ackerman’s highly interactive lecture and discussion will explore six elements of leadership on the warehouse floor:  finding the right people; showing the ropes to new people; retaining talented individuals; cutting from the team; developing the next leaders; and the progression to leader and coach.

Jon Melchi

HARDI Government Affairs Briefing

Jon Melchi will speak on the latest regulatory actions and legislative issues impacting the HVACR industry, specifically those impacting distribution and logistical operations. This session is designed to help HVACR businesses clear these hurdles.

Randy MacLean

Analytics & Metrics for Supply Chain & Operations

MacLean will stress how distribution can win the competitive battle by improving its core competency – moving product. This session will explore the newest thinking and analytics that give operations managers a real edge in driving their contribution to the company’s cash flow and profits.

Gregory L. Schlegel

Supply Chain Risk Management: Its Importance and How to Mitigate It

Schlegel will lead a lively discussion revealing what is Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM), why you should care and how to mitigate it. This session will include the ugly bottom-line financial impacts of supply chain disruptions and will share basic tools, techniques and methodologies that are driving this new discipline along.

Greg White & Jennifer Priestley

Winning in Any Economy: Using Big Data to Gain Customers and Generate Cash

New construction, abnormal seasonal patterns, new regulations and a host of factors make the HVACR industry unpredictable at best. Big data offers new hope for you to grow no matter the market circumstances. Using detailed customer and market data, you can transform visibility and inventory management to generate cash and improve service for your customers in good times and bad.

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