Havertown, Pennsylvania — When Deshia Peters got into his customer service groove, it was so good that it won him first place in a state championship.

Peters, a student at Tulsa Tech had done so well in the customer service portion of his curriculum that his instructors Pat Enoch and Jimmy Hawley, enrolled him in the state championships of SkillsUSA’s, Customer Service Division.

SkillsUSA partners with students teachers and industry to promote a technical education with programs events and competition.

Peters’ first place state champion title, won him automatic entry into the national competition, where he finished third.

“I thought the competition was great because it allowed me to compete against the best in the country,” says Peters. “I’m grateful to my teachers, Mr. Enoch and Mr. Hawley, who motivated me to learn and compete.”

Peters said that the textbook he used in class, “HVAC Customer Service Handbook,” by Steve Coscia, also helped him prepare.

“The textbook gave me confidence and taught me to pause before answering a customer’s question. Listening is important. Customers are more cooperative when they feel understood,” Peter’s said.

After graduating in June, Peters found a well-paying with Airco Service in Tulsa.

Coscia’s textbook is being used by more than 150 colleges to teach customer service and soft skills curriculum in the HVAC industry.

Both Enochs and Hawley attribute the HVAC Customer Service Handbook as a key component in Peter's success, which help landed him an excellent position as an HVAC contractor with Airco Service in Tulsa.

“Those of us who help prepare students for today’s workforce understand that the soft skills are ensuring success and better job placement,” says Hawley. “That’s why we use Steve Coscia’s book, “HVAC Customer Service Handbook.

“The book is easy-to-understand, crystal clear in explaining the subject and offers each student a map of how to conduct themselves when they’re finally on the road,” Hawley added.

“As an author, it’s gratifying when students benefit from my book,” says Coscia. “It’s especially rewarding when students are not only reading it but applying the ideas and strategies to become more proficient and valuable to employers.”

“Smart business owners realize that technical skills alone are insufficient in today’s HVACR marketplace. You must know the fundamentals of how to talk and explain your services because today’s consumers are much savvier when making buying decisions.”

You can obtain Coscia’s book at www.coscia.com or contact Coscia at  steve@Coscia.com.