Nu-Calgon has introduced ClenAir HVAC Odor Block XL, a new product designed to treat indoor air quality and eliminate odors through the heating and air conditioning system. Primarily for residential use, Odor Block XL treats 2,500 square feet for up to six months.

HVAC Odor Block XL is a true odor neutralizer, not an odor mask or cover-up. It safely eliminates airborne odors and indoor pollutants from smoke, pets, food, mold, bacteria, chemicals and many other odor sources. The HVAC Odor Block XL is installed in the air handler or return duct and treats the building air as it passes through the product.

HVAC Odor Block XL can be used safely in A/C units, furnaces, rooftop units, fan coil units and air handlers. It employs proven ClenAir odor eliminating technology that provides months of odor-free, freshened air. In addition to HVAC Odor Block XL, ClenAir by Nu-Calgon offers Residential HVAC Odor Block, which treats systems up to three tons for two months.