Royce Henderson, HARDII cannot believe that my tenure as president of HARDI is almost over! On Dec. 9, at the 2014 Annual Conference, I will hand over the reins of this illustrious organization to Bill Bergamini, of ILLCO Inc.

But before I do that, I must thank several people. First and foremost, I must thank my wife, Sue, for making my year as president such a unique experience. She traveled with me to almost every event; I appreciate her willingness to do so and cannot adequately thank her enough.

Next, I am so very thankful for my colleagues and employees at Charles D. Jones Co. Without your continued hard work and commitment, I would not have been able to contribute so fully to HARDI.

I would like to encourage all members of HARDI to register for the 2014 Annual Conference in San Antonio, Dec. 6 to 9. The theme this year, “Shift into Gear,” is vital to the continued success of our industry as we move from recession into renewed economic growth. We are entering a pivotal time, and HARDI is working very hard to bring us programs and speakers to help us attain that competitive advantage that will drive our success in the years to come.

Charles D. Jones Co.’s engagement with HARDI allows us to measure our performance, educate our employees and make strategic decisions that ultimately improve our business. I attend the Annual Conference because the programs and agendas have been developed specifically with our industry in mind and are full of important and useful takeaways that you cannot find anywhere else.

But don’t forget about that crucial intangible – networking! This conference allows distributors to meet suppliers, including companies from the Pacific Northwest that exchange ideas with enterprises from the Atlantic Seaboard on a scale that exists in precious few industrial events. When you have more than 1,000 industrialists gathered together for four days, there are bound to be new connections forged and friendships made that will last for decades.

I also must recognize the HARDI staff, the Board of Directors and the committee and council leadership that work so hard to guarantee the success of the Annual Conference, making it the capstone of the HARDI experience.

I would be remiss if I didn’t close by thanking all of the HARDI members with whom I met in my travels this year. Visiting and talking with so many members over the last 10 months has been fulfilling and educational. Thank you for allowing me to serve as your president. I have learned so much — mostly that active involvement in HARDI is critical to the success and improvement of my business in particular and our industry in general.

I can’t wait to see all of you in San Antonio!


Royce Henderson, HARDI President