The 5 Series 500R11 Indoor Split geothermal comfort system is designed for indoor installations, and is connected to an indoor air handler via refrigerant lines and control wiring. Representing efficiencies of 25.3 EER and 4.4 COP, 5 Series indoor split units use R-410A refrigerant. According to the company, the controls and connections for refrigerant and water piping make this unit simple to install in a wide variety of applications. The heavy-gauge metal cabinets are coated with poly paint for long-lasting attractiveness and protection. It features an Aurora Control system which is modular and designed to grow with the application. The Aurora Base Control (ABC) features a microprocessor control to sequence all components during operation for optimum performance. Plus, the ABC provides easy-to-use troubleshooting features with fault lights, on-board diagnostics, and a hand-held Aurora Interface Diagnostic (AID) Tool.


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