NORWALK, Conn. — Veto Pro Pac® announced Sigler, Berland’s House of Tools, and Tech Tool Supply as the company’s 2013 Wholesalers of the Year Award winners. They were chosen based on several criteria including sales volume, sales growth, and relative market size.

Robinson Supply hosted 31 employee and customer couples at the Turks & Caicos. The company is celebrating 60 years in business in 2014.

Tolleson, Arizona-based Sigler with locations in Arizona, Idaho, California, New Mexico, Nevada, and Texas, was named HVAC Wholesaler of the Year.

“Veto Pro Pac is the most successful tool line I’ve ever been involved with,” said  Gregory Cooper, corporate parts manager, Sigler. “It is the perfect marriage — a high-end wholesale distribution company selling a high-end tool bag.”

Tech Tool Supply, a Plymouth, Michigan-based wholesaler and distributor of low- voltage tools and equipment specializing in electrical, cable TV, satellite, CCTV, home theater, phone, data, fire, and security was named Online Wholesaler of the Year. Deepak Batra, Tech Tool Supply’s CEO, attributed the company’s success to a, “true collaboration between Veto Pro Pac’s ability to continually produce high-quality products and Tech Tool Supply’s ability to leverage its streamlined distribution. It is a winning value proposition for consumers.”

Berland’s House of Tools, which operates three tool superstores in Illinois focused on the building, construction, and woodworking trades, was named Residential Construction Wholesaler of the Year.

“Veto Pro Pac has been a terrific seller for our company. Veto is the premium brand; everything else is lower quality,” said Sue Hoppe, Berland’s COO. “We have good, better, and Veto. Veto is top notch, and we look forward to many more successful years as a provider for the Chicagoland market.”

Roger Brouard, Veto Pro Pac’s founder, noted that the company has a “tremendous network of wholesalers.

“The Veto Pro Pac Wholesalers of the Year Award winners deserve recognition for leveraging their business platforms, working closely with us to launch new products, including our new Tech Pac backpack bag, our most successful product launch in our history, and executing our marketing programs to generate exceptional results in 2013. 

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