COLUMBUS, Ohio — HARDI is presenting a new webinar for distributors — "Hiring and Firing: The Right Way to Do Things." The session will take place March 27 and will cover many of the minefields an employer faces in these human resources functions. According to HARDI, many federal, state, and local laws limit the questions that can be asked about an applicant's race, gender, disability, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, age, family plans or other personal issues. Later when it is time to deal with an employee that is not working out, uniformed distributors can be looking down the barrel of a legal gun.

The webinar will provide HARDI members with information needed to help make the right HR decisions when hiring new employees, or dealing with the task of letting an employee go. It will be led by Gary Stroud, Ph.D., program chair for graduate and undergraduate Human Resources Management at Franklin University.

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