ST. LOUIS — An Emerson Climate Technologies Inc. email survey showed that of the 472 respondents, 74 percent of contractors are unaware of the upcoming 2015 regional standards for residential unitary a/c and heat pump systems. The study also showed that nearly 80 percent of contractors were unaware of 2015 part-load efficiency requirements for light commercial split, package, and rooftop systems. It reported that 84 percent are unaware of the 2015 chiller standards. Emerson's survey showed that only 12 percent had started training their technicians or thinking about an inventory plan.

“This isn’t the first time the industry has gone through a SEER change or updates to residential and commercial efficiency standards, and Emerson Climate Technologies is ready with technology to meet and exceed minimum efficiency requirements. We want to help the industry get prepared for these changes, and we will be providing additional information on our new website, AC & Heating Connect,” said Frank Landwehr, vice president Air Conditioning Marketing, Emerson Climate Technologies. “We will continue to support the industry’s readiness with educational materials, technology updates and insights from additional surveys.”

Emerson’s survey also found that for the residential changes, 18 percent of contractors had read about the transition and 16 percent had talked about the regulations with an OEM or distributor. Only three percent had started developing a marketing plan for the new standards.

On the commercial side, Emerson’s survey found only eight percent of contractors have trained their service teams on the new rooftop or chiller standards. Very few, only three percent, had talked to an OEM about the changes. Four percent have started to develop a marketing plan to address these regulatory changes with their customers.

“Contractors cannot afford to be unprepared for these regulatory updates. They need to be researching the changes that are coming to their region, talking to OEMs, wholesalers and manufacturers, and identifying opportunities for their businesses,” Landwehr said. “Now is the time for contractors to be actively seeking information from trustworthy sources.”