Coleman Echelon Series and LX Series product linesPreviously sold outside the North American market, the compact, energy-efficient ductless mini-split air conditioners and heat pumps have been added to the Coleman Echelon™ Series and LX Series product lines for Coleman®. The new additions are suitable for residential and commercial applications. The systems combine smaller outdoor units and slim wall-mounted indoor units, linked by a conduit that requires a 3- to 4-inch opening. Single-zone mini-splits provide individualized comfort in a single room, while multi-zone models connect a single outdoor unit to as many as five indoor units, providing comfort in larger areas. In addition, occupants can set temperature and humidity levels for each unit in each room.

The system features a wireless remote controller with a built-in temperature sensor that controls and satisfies cooling or heating set point temperatures wherever the remote control is located. It also has the ability to work in outdoor temperatures ranging as low as 5°F, without resorting to electric backup heating. It has an advanced multi-part filter system accessory that uses a catechin material and treated fibers to remove contaminants, such as allergens, to improve IAQ. There is an option to install the water drainage outlet on either the right or left side of the indoor unit.

The Coleman Co. Inc. | eProduct 186