CHICAGO — The advisory council of UnleashWD met to discuss the speaker lineup of the organization’s upcoming summit. Scheduled for Oct. 29-30 in Chicago, UnleashWD is an innovation summit focused strictly on wholesale distribution.

“Members of the UnleashWD Advisory Council are putting in extra time with UnleashWD to spark a revolution of innovation in the distribution industry,” said Dirk Beveridge, founder of UnleashWD.

UnleashWD started out as a vision for change in the wholesale distribution industry.

According to the council, the reason for its meeting was to ensure that the upcoming summit would continue to provide meaningful solutions to outdated business models and the disruptions caused by rapid technology advancements.

During their meeting, the advisory board reaffirmed the values of UnleashWD while assisting in assembling a lineup of what it is calling storytellers for the summit. It also worked on its “Lift and Shift” sessions to help translate the speaker’s stories to the attendee’s businesses.

“Starting a revolution in this industry starts one distributor at a time,” Beveridge said. “What began last year as an innovative idea on the back of a napkin is beginning to catalyze a wave of innovation for distributors in a large part due to the passion of our advisory board members. They believe in the power of UnleashWD to their core, and they want to help other businesses create a culture of innovation.”

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