Karen Madonia of Illco Inc., said of HARDI’s Maui conference, “Like all HARDI events, this year’s conference will undoubtedly provide us with an opportunity to hear what’s going on in the industry; to discover new ways to approach the challenges we face in growing our businesses; to network with friends and colleagues throughout the country; and to learn how the HARDI staff is continually working to promote our industry and improve our companies - all while in another beautiful resort.”

The Government Affairs Committee she co-chairs has been busy over the last few years, she said. It was “taken to a new level with the addition of a dedicated HARDI staffer, Jon Melchi,” Madonia added.

“Our goal is always to keep members informed of what's going on at the federal and state levels, both in our industry and the general business environment,” she said. “The more members know, the more they not only can affect change by making their voices heard, but also make informed business decisions.”

Attending HARDI’s events “has introduced me to a lot of really wonderful people, many of whom encounter the same issues I do back in the office,” she continued. “I have found the networking to be invaluable to my job, and I am grateful that HARDI provides the forum for great exchanges between members.”

Madonia also appreciates each meeting’s top-notch content.

“HARDI has much to offer its members, and I think that those who get involved have an inside track that really benefits our companies,” as well as providing opportunities to meet and become friends with people in this industry, she said.

Published:October 2011