Company: Aggreko 

Product: HPS3K

Description: The alternating fuel to battery HPS3K allows on-site generators to switch from their daily high-load power capacity demand to a battery source when lower power requirements are needed to keep job site lights, security systems, and computers running. It eliminates idling, cuts fuel costs by 50 percent, and reduces emissions regardless of the fuel source. The battery unit requires no maintenance and, with its intelligent, fully automated controls and switching, no manual intervention. When the primary generator is switched off, the HPS3K system provides 12.5 hours of a 500W load or 2.5 hours of a 3,000W load before the inverter charger switches on the main generator for recharging. While recharging, the batteries continue to provide load back-up service as needed.

Contact: 877-797-3501;;

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