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An Undercounter Beverage Storage Unit That’s Not Keeping Cool

In this troubleshooting situation, Jim Johnson explains a scenario in which you are called out to a tavern to check on a beverage storage unit that, according to the complaint, is “not keeping things cool.” The equipment is an undercounter unit that employs a forced-air, finned evaporator and a forced-air, fan-cooled condenser. The system also uses a Yoder Loop that prevents sweating on the equipment cabinet, and a section of the capillary tube metering device is attached to the suction line to make up a heat exchanger assembly. To solve this troubleshooting problem, visit


Addressing the Diverse Heating Demands of Multi-Use Buildings

Typically, when selecting heating solutions for a building, decisions are made based on its main function. It gets a bit more complicated, however, when the property is designed as a multipurpose facility — possibly being used for retail, residential, and office space all at once. These buildings often present unique heating challenges that vary from room to room, calling for a diverse portfolio of solutions to ensure energy efficiency and occupant satisfaction. For a breakdown of common areas in a multiuse property that may benefit from innovative heating solutions customized to address specific needs, visit


How Can We Encourage More Women Into Leadership Roles Within the HVAC Industry

In the HVAC industry, the further up the employment chain you look, the less women you’ll find who occupy key roles. This is something we see industrywide, with some reports stating that just 3 to 4 percent of CEOs worldwide are women. However, there are many more women who hold entry-level positions in the industry. So what is it that puts women off from working in facilities management and progressing to managerial roles further up the career ladder? To learn more, visit


Understand Dew Point and Absolute Moisture

Author Bryan Orr starts this article off by stating the obvious: Most techs are intimidated by psychrometric charts and Mollier diagrams. While there are some pretty complicated formulas that back up these diagrams, using them isn’t that big of a deal once you understand the different elements and then focus on one at a time. To learn more about dew point and absolute moisture, visit


Publication date: 5/14/2018

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