CHICAGO — There’s a lot of attention on IAQ in the HVAC industry, so Friedrich Air Conditioning Co. decided to command some of that attention to its booth at the AHR Expo, where the company unveiled its new packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC) unit and its award-winning Variable Refrigerant Packaged (VRP) Heat Pump System.

“The quality of indoor air can be two to five times (and even up to 100 times) more polluted than the worst outside air,” according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


Friedrich launched its FreshAire™ PTAC unit, which is innovative because it combines an energy-efficient inverter compressor with the ability to bring in conditioned make-up air (MUA).

“It’s a game changer for being able to meet ASHRAE 62.1-2013 IAQ standards,” said TJ Wheeler, vice president of marketing and product management, Friedrich.

This PTAC unit not only meets ASHRAE 62.1-2013, it also provides MERV-8 filtration. In the past, this could only be achieved with much larger, more complex, and expensive systems, according to Wheeler.

“The new Friedrich unit is the only PTAC to incorporate a MERV 8 filter for outdoor air, greatly reducing air particles, allergens, and other air impurities brought into the space,” he said.

Friedrich’s FreshAire PTAC makes it convenient for property owners to deliver outstanding IAQ easily and efficiently without increasing energy consumption, according to Wheeler.

The Friedrich’s Precision Inverter™ compressor technology is able to provide homeowners with a more efficient way to cool or heat the room.

“Thanks to Friedrich’s Precision Inverter compressor with variable-speed technology, the units are designed to deliver only the amount of cooling or heating needed for the room at any given time, saving energy and money, while maintaining even, consistent temperatures,” said Wheeler.

Also, this PTAC improves dehumidification compared to single-speed PTACs, and the inverter compressor operates quietly, eliminating common start and stop sounds, ensuring a calming experience for homeowners or occupants.”


The new advanced dehumidification option for the FreshAire VRP was designed for those in high humidity regions where moisture can cause maintenance issues and increase mold, odors, and allergens.

Friedrich’s VRP heat pump system — the 2017 AHR Expo Innovation Award finalist in the IAQ category — utilizes precision inverter compressor technology that combines variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology with the simple design of a single packaged unit.

“By utilizing a hot-gas-bypass circuit, the new VRP dehumidification option borrows energy that is wasted in a typical air conditioning cycle and uses it to reheat the return air, so the unit can continue to dehumidify longer,” said Wheeler. “Combined with the exceptional make-up air capabilities, and other indoor air quality advantages that come standard, VRP is a simple, flexible, easy to install and maintain in-closet solution that eliminates the need for costly and complicated large, specialized systems.”

Friedrich is always pushing the limits on how the company can improve air quality while delivering outstanding comfort, Wheeler said.

“Our new VRP dehumidification option has made what was already an exceptional air conditioning solution even better,” he added.


Friedrich unveiled its new Energy Star 9,000- and 12,000-Btu models in order to meet the growing demand for ductless units.

These models are capable of delivering 28 SEER or 12.5 HSPF, with low ambient heat pump operation down to minus 13°F, as part of the company’s J-Series ductless product line.

“Friedrich’s new ductless models offer top-performing heat pump capabilities that deliver great SEER ratings while cooling but also exceptional HSPF ratings for heating,” said Wheeler. “Thanks to its precision inverter system, Friedrich ductless units also operate very quietly.

“This system makes changes in 1 Hz increments, allowing the unit to run at variable speeds, while delivering the most precise heating-cooling capabilities, to maintain constant, desired temperatures,” he continued. 

An additional perk available is the Advantage Program, which encourages dealers to become part of a team of professionals dedicated to the sale, installation, and support of Friedrich ductless systems through the product training, rewards, and warranty benefits the company offers.

“We’re seeing an increasing demand as customers realize the advantages ductless systems offer,” said Wheeler. “That’s driving a huge need for knowledgeable, trained contractors who can provide them with great solutions and service.

“With more options, incentives, and support available, it’s a great time to maximize the opportunity of the growing ductless market,” he added. 

Publication date: 2/26/2018