CHICAGO - Now celebrating its 80th anniversary, Baltimore Aircoil Co. introduced its new Nexus Modular Hybrid Cooler to the world during a press conference at the AHR Expo on Tuesday. According to the company, the Modular Hybrid Cooler is the world’s first intelligent, plug-and-play, modular, hybrid fluid cooling system engineered to simplify system design and optimize water and energy savings while providn the lowest installation, operating, and maintenance costs.

“When you look at saving energy, the challenge in operating systems is always the variable operating conditions, which historically in the industry, you would need to manage it with some simple on/off method or solution,” said Brad Coonsidine, vice president, sales and marketing, Baltimore Aircoil Co. “It represents a challenge in how you optimize all the resources – energy and water. In the industry, they call that the water-energy nexus, which is how you optimized the use of water for benefit versus electric and offset the water usage at the electric generating plants. What we have innovated is creating tools to allow the customer to operate the system in all the variable operating conditions at an optimal peak performance along that nexus.”

Dave Klee (pictured above), director, sales and marketing, Baltimore Aircoil Co., discussed how the product simplifies both the design and installation of fluid cooling systems. The units are up to 8 feet shorter in height, 40 percent smaller in footprint, and 35 percent lighter in weight that traditional fluid coolers.

BAC’s patented hCore™ Heat Transfer Technology delivers exceptional heat transfer performance, durability, and longevity in a compact, corrosion-resistant package that has 65 percent less internal fluid volume and requires no passivation. The Nexus Cooler’s new, patent-pending DiamondClear™ Design uses 60 percent less spray water volume than traditional systems, reducing both water and chemical usage. The design provides continuous self-cleaning, significantly cutting water basin maintenance costs by reducing scale build-up and biological growth.

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Publication date: 1/23/2018

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