Bryan Payne of Taco
Bryan Payne discusses Taco’s new HVAC productivity tool during a press conference at the AHR Expo on Monday. 

Among several new products launching at the AHR Expo in Chicago, Taco Inc. highlighted its new Project Builder, an HVAC productivity tool, during a special press conference on Monday. Bryan Payne, Southeast regional sales manager, said the setup of Taco’s booth this year focuses on its customers and how best to support them.

“It’s about emphasizing the ability for our customers to interact with our products,” he said. “People need information quickly and they need the ability to deal with projects as they change. Those are two big trends.”

Project Builder saves users time and improves productivity and accuracy. The web-based app helps users create and save projects online, select products, aggregate relevant files, download and integrate files, coordinate information, and make changes quickly.

“Our team did a deep dive into best practices in our industry on how our customers get information,” Payne said. “Then we asked the customers if they could make any changes, what would they be. They said the one thing they would change is make it web-based. So that’s what our team did. It’s a great tool.”