Company: Transducers Direct

Product: TDWLB Series

Description: The TDWLB series wireless pressure and temperature transducer is ideal for applications where short-term datalogging is required and a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection isn’t available; for example HVAC technicians who need to gather pressure and temperature data to diagnose issues with AC and refrigeration systems.  Other applications include testing and/or machine run-off applications where pressure and temperature data are logged in order to evaluate a system or machine.

The TDWLB-DL series stores data in one of two modes, either “Fill Until Full” or “FIFO” mode. Approximately 16,000 records can be saved if both pressure and temperature data are stored, approximately 32,000 records if storing only one. Captured data is customized to the specific application with use of an adjustable sampling rate app.  Adjustable sampling rates range from 50ms to 1 hour to suit almost any application, and the app is available for Apple and Android platforms.

Stored data is timestamped and is viewed in the app as a list. Format and trend graphs can be created and viewed in the app as well. Data logged files can be emailed directly from the app in spreadsheet format. Recipients can then go into further detail with the data to format it to suit whatever requirements are needed.  Up to three data logging sessions can be stored in the app at one time.

Contact: 513-583-9491;

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