Who among us doesn’t have a wish list or two? And why not? There’s no harm in wishing. Wishes can become dreams and people can work to make dreams become reality. I’m sure most of us have wish lists of some sort, even if they’re just mental.

So, as we kick off a new year, I thought it would be fun to ask some folks from around the refrigeration industry what would be on their refrigeration wish list. As you might imagine, I received some very interesting replies. Let’s see what the industry is wishing for as we head into 2018. Enjoy!

● An energetic and robust economy.

● A smoking hot summer.

● A sensible and clear timeline for the transition to low GWP refrigerants.

● A safe and productive year for journeymen/tradesmen in the field.

● That the EPA will finally realize that regulation without adequate enforcement is bad for everyone.

● That refrigerant users will finally understand that mixing refrigerants in systems, and reusing untested non- reclaimed refrigerants, is a really poor – and potentially dangerous – service practice. 

● That the federal government will finally realize there are market-based solutions in place today, and more to come, that will do a better job of reducing CO2 emissions than any international treaty, and do so without adding any further burden on the American taxpayers.

● For the refrigeration trades to be not treated as “bottom feeders,” and for HVAC schools to give the refrigeration trade the respect and attention it requires in their teachings.

● For the EPA to catch up to the rest of the world relative to hydrocarbons and their use in larger commercial footprints and applications.

● That people will find out that ACCA now has a refrigeration inspection manual available – and purchase one.

● That the refrigeration specialties will gain the recognition they deserve for all the advances in energy sustainability, since most HVAC improvements were vetted first in the refrigeration market.

● That utilities will provide incentives for the energy efficiency benefits of natural refrigerants.

● It’s silly to wish for more qualified refrigeration technicians, so I will not!

● World peace . . . and low-global-warming refrigerants in every supermarket’s stocking.

● A refrigerant that is safe, plentiful, cheap, energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and is a drop-in that requires no retooling.  Is that so wrong?

And speaking of wishes, I have one more to add: Best wishes to all FROSTlines readers in 2018!

Publication date: 1/3/2018

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