Name: Octavio Medina

Title: Installer supervisor, Service Champions, Brea, California

Why He’s Tech of the Month: Octavio Medina’s journey in the trades began when he was working for an abatement company. 

“I was in charge of cutting all of the access and vents in the homes for different HVAC companies, and I worked with a lot of HVAC contractors,” said Medina.

He’s now spent the last eight months with Brea, California-based Service Champions, where he has been able to utilize his passion for working one-on-one with customers and coworkers.

“I really like working face-to-face with clients to help them with their home comfort needs,” Medina said. “I really like this line of work, and our installers are great educators. I really like being able to help them, and in turn, they teach and help me, as well.”

As the installation supervisor, Medina supports the growth of all of the lead and apprentice installers. He visits installers during their calls not only to ensure the complete and total satisfaction of the company’s clients but also to ensure that each installer is successful during their installation.

Right away, people took notice of Medina’s exceptional behavior.

“Octavio is an install supervisor who has quickly been noticed by employees, clients, and the general public for his heroics outside of his employment,” said Katey Becker, director of marketing, Service Champions. “A woman called our office to let us know what she witnessed while shopping at a grocery store. She was calling about Octavio. He was out shopping with his family wearing our company uniform when Octavio noticed a lady and her children outside of the store. The children wanted a McDonald’s happy meal, and the mom didn’t have the financial means to buy them what they wanted. Octavio entered the supermarket and walked out with four happy meals for the children. A stranger noticed his good deed, read Octavio’s name on his shirt, and called our company to share what she witnessed. Even outside of service calls, Octavio stands out in the community.”

Recently, Medina’s real heroism came into play while out on a routine installation visit in the field.

“Octavio was checking in on two of our installers during an installation of a new system at a client’s house,” said Becker. “After a few hours of installing an electrical line set, he was hydrating in the garage when he noticed smoke was coming from a house across the street behind the client’s house. Octavio decided to drive around the block to investigate the smoke. When he arrived at the house, the garage was engulfed in flames. He saw a boy run out from the house. Without hesitation, Octavio ran inside and assisted two children and two women out of the house. Once they were outside, he asked them if there was anyone else inside. One of the children said grandma was still inside, she was sleeping and unaware of the fire. Octavio helped her out of the house and then waited for the fire department to arrive.”

It’s people like Medina that make a good name for the HVAC industry, both on and off the job.

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Publication date: 7/24/2017

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