HIGH POINT, N.C. — For almost 40 years, Harry Boody has been on a mission to radically improve the quality and efficiency of heating and cooling systems in residential homes.

The company he founded in 1979, Energy Innovations by Harry Boody, was the first to offer a lifetime guarantee that the heating and cooling energy usage of its system would not exceed a certain amount each month, or the company would pay the difference. To date, the company has never had to refund a single customer, and it remains the only company in North America to offer such a guarantee.

Now, Boody and a new management team are rebranding the company under the name Scientific Environmental Design Inc. (SED). As the company expands, it will to continue to improve the residential HVAC industry with new technology and more efficient system designs that are guaranteed for the life of the structure.

"Despite advances in residential heating and cooling systems, at least 80 percent of all HVAC systems do not perform properly because they are installed incorrectly," Boody said. "Homeowners are overpaying and settling for systems that are extremely inefficient. Our solution is a 21st century approach that provides the most efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective HVAC systems."

Throughout its history, SED has provided thousands of customers an average savings up to 60 percent on the cost to heat and cool their homes.

The software will speed up the design process, while offering enhancements such as a 3D model of the home based on design renderings and architectural drawings, along with a system load analysis and predicted monthly energy usage.


SED is introducing technological and process improvements to address shortcomings in the design and installation of residential HVAC systems.

"Too often, HVAC systems are designed piecemeal and installed by contractors without the right oversight and understanding of scientific air flow principles," said SED's new CEO and director, William Millis. "We alleviate these issues with what we call Total Flow Design™ through which we manage the entire process — from load analysis and system design to installation, performance testing, and commissioning.

"The reason most HVAC systems fail is that they are not designed using a rigorous, scientifically-based process," Millis continued. "As a result, there are frequent installation errors, along with a high degree of noncompliance with local and international building codes."


After designing the air distribution system, SED's team will select the appropriate HVAC equipment and closely supervise the installation. "This is crucial," Boody said. "The technology doesn't work unless you follow the whole process. People do what you inspect, not what you expect.

"We look forward to building upon our history of providing customers unparalleled savings on the cost to heat and cool their homes — up to 60 percent savings on average — along with the cleanest, healthiest air quality available," Boody said.

For more information, visit www.sedefficiency.com.

Publication date: 7/10/2017