Name: John Nottingham

Title: Senior Service Technician, One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Why He’s Tech of the Month: In 2006, John Nottingham started with a home restoration company in Petersburg, Virginia, doing a little bit of everything. But, as the economy went downhill, he realized he had to find a career in something lucrative that would keep him employed. That’s when he sought a solid career in the HVAC industry.

“The HVAC industry seemed to be steady, regardless of the state of the economy,” said Nottingham. “So, I went to trade school and became EPA [U.S. Environmental Protection Agency]-certified.”

Jay Jordan, a field supervisor with One Hour, visited Nottingham’s school and told him to give him a call after he graduated.

“I ended up hounding them a lot because they weren’t hiring at the time. I was very persistent — I called them every day,” said Nottingham.

Four years later, Nottingham continues to grow his career as one of One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning’s top performers.

“Nottingham has a personality that everyone can appreciate. He is very positive, has a can-do attitude, and his energy is infectious,” said Todd Kletz, owner of the Virginia Beach, Virginia-based One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning franchise.

When asked what makes Nottingham worthy of Tech of the Month, Kletz replied, his can-do attitude. “Even though he’s a top performer, he expects more of himself tomorrow than what he did today. He’s always trying to look for ways to improve in the spirit of our company. He has received a lot of recognition in our franchise group, but he still recognizes he is only as good as his support staff; he knows he’s a part of a team.”

Nottingham is constantly the first one to lend a helping hand. Most recently, One Hour conducted a food drive for a local food bank. To contribute, he went out and spent $400 of his own money to purchase 700 pounds of food. Also, he’s the first to volunteer to work extra hours during the busy season to ensure all of the company’s clients are serviced.

“He volunteers to pick up shifts when other teammates are in need of a break or need time off to spend time with their families,” said Lauren Smith, marketing coordinator, One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning.

In the future, Nottingham doesn’t have any plans of slowing down. He just plans on changing up his role within the franchise.

“At some point, when I’m older and don’t want to be in the field anymore, I’ll probably move into management training, which will allow me to pass on my decades of knowledge to new up and coming technicians.”

“In the world we live in, it’s nice to stumble upon people like John,” said Kletz.

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