Name: Donnie Walker

Title: Service Technician, Conway Services, Cordova, Tennessee

Why He’s Tech of the Month: Donnie Walker, service technician with Conway Services in Cordova, Tennessee, is known not only for his excellent customer service, but for having the highest respect from all of his peers. The first to lend a hand to others or go to great lengths to help his customers, he exemplifies what it means to take pride in your career.

“Donnie has the best work ethic I’ve ever seen,” said Chris Stapleton, communications manager, Conway Services. “He holds himself and all other techs to the highest standards. He leads by example, and when he needs to speak up, he does, and everyone listens. He has everyone’s respect, and I have never heard any negative comments from his peers. He has the highest respect from top to bottom.”

Walker was intrigued by the HVAC industry back in his early childhood. He idolized a next-door neighbor who was an HVAC tech, and he wanted to be just like him. It was this childhood idol who would later teach him things outside of what he was learning in HVAC school. Now a full-time tech, Walker continues to grow in his career.

“I love dealing with customers and going from place to place and house to house. I’m not stuck in an office or a factory all day,” said Walker.

And it’s his customer service that makes him standout among other techs in the industry, as he’s always going above and beyond for others.

“When he encounters elderly folks, those who are on fixed incomes, or individuals with medical problems, he doesn’t just turn them away when they can’t afford service or new systems. Of course, he can’t just offer free items to everyone, but he goes through a process of working with the company owner and managers to see what we can do for these individuals; he never leaves people in need.”

As he continues to grow older, he would like to continue working in HVAC and stay with his company until he decides to retire.

“Of all the companies I have worked for, this company is the best at providing quality customer service,” said Walker.

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Publication date: 10/31/2016

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