NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — Zen Ecosystems has announced the launch of Zen HQ, what the company says is one of the simplest, most cost-effective energy management solutions available. Zen HQ is designed to fit the needs of enterprises with multiple locations via a simple connected platform that can reduce annual energy bills as much as 30 percent. Zen HQ is already deployed with a number of businesses across the United States, including National Stores.

Zen Ecosystems said many businesses have been deterred from adopting energy management systems because of high costs and complex deployment and management processes. Zen HQ helps overcome these obstacles with a simple energy management solution designed for easy installation and powerful control over HVAC and lighting costs across multi-site operations.

James McPhail, Zen Ecosystems CEO, said, “We designed Zen HQ to deliver the most compelling economics on the market by focusing on what makes the biggest impact on a business’s electricity bill. We’re already seeing terrific results with major brands across North America.”

Initial deployments include a rollout with National Stores, a California-based retailer with more than 350 locations across 22 states, with several more customers to be announced in the months to come.

“Energy management systems always seemed like they weren’t worth the hassle,” said Jimmy Lee, National Stores energy manager. “Zen HQ impressed us with fast deployment and real return on investment. Installation has been a snap, and since it’s so easy to use we’re already making a big dent on our electricity bills. By keeping costs down, we can continue to pass great value along to our customers nationwide.”

Zen HQ connects the Zen Thermostat and lighting controls in a wireless energy management system optimized for cost reduction. Key features include:

• Intuitive scheduling. HVAC and lighting scheduling is made easy with a simple scheduler similar to Google Calendar. Energy managers can use simple drop-down menus to assign schedules to groups or individual locations in 15-minute increments.

• Lockout controls. Local overrides on energy settings are one of the top reasons energy management systems fall short. Zen HQ reduces interference while maximizing comfort with preset heating and cooling schedules via partial or full lockouts.

• Alerts. Notifications in up to 15-minute increments flagging potential issues (e.g. temperature exceeding scheduled set point, units consuming highest amount of energy).

• Simple installation. Zen HQ controls HVAC via the connected Zen Thermostat and connection to lighting controls, meaning installation does not require building a completely new network and can be completed in less than a day. Most energy management systems require complex installations that disrupt business.

• Demand response. OpenADR certification and utility integrations mean customers can automatically participate in demand response and energy efficiency programs to cut electricity costs during times of peak demand.

• Integrated monitoring. Zen HQ presents HVAC, lighting, and energy usage in a dynamic visual graph across single or multiple sites.

• Access anywhere. The platform is optimized for the computer and smart devices, providing energy managers with control over their facilities from anywhere, at any time.

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Publication date: 11/3/2016

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