EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — Nortek Air Solutions, a subsidiary of Nortek Inc., has announced new fan wheel and motor options for its Fanwall® air handling units. These designs offer enhanced benefits while continuing to provide optimized airflow efficiency, redundancy, and minimized turbulence. The improved aerodynamic shaping of the blades, shroud, and cones, as well as the dampening effect of the polymer material, reduce sound tones from the impellor and motor, resulting in a typical sound reduction of 5 dB of fan blade passage frequencies on inlet and discharge.

The new high performance fan (HPF) wheel is available in seven sizes and in two configurations on Fanwall air handling units from all Nortek Air Solutions brands: Governair®, Huntair®, Mammoth®, Temtrol®, Venmar CES™, Ventrol®, and Webco™.

The HPF-P200 fan wheel and cone can be used with the standard induction motor or with the permanent magnet motor for optimized performance and efficiency. This configuration offers fan efficiency improvement of up to 7 percent on certain fan sizes. Approved for UL 1995, this fan wheel has an operating temperature range of -31°F (-35°C) to 176°F (80°C).

HPF-P200-ECMi fan wheel has an integrated electronically commutated permanent magnet motor (ECMi) which reduces motor tones and eliminates wiring from the motor to the drive. This integrated design includes permanently lubricated ball bearings, isolated shaft for mitigation of arcing across bearings, and built-in thermal management. The integrated drive on the fan wheel with ECMi is UL Listed E481280.

“This new high performance fan design is proof of our commitment to continued product improvement,” said Mark DeVincent, president of Nortek Air Solutions. “With our expertise in air movement technology, we now offer our customers higher efficiency and lower sound while building on the legacy of our patented Fanwall Technology® for air handling units.”

The Nortek Air Solutions brands offer HVAC solutions for commercial, industrial, and institutional indoor environments. For more information, visit www.nortekair.com.

Publication date: 5/31/2016

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