Company: Nortek Air Solutions

Product: Mammoth V-Cube Slim Vertical Self-Contained product line

Description: Mammoth V-Cube Slim system is a high efficiency solution for floor-by-floor air conditioning in medium- to high-rise commercial and institutional buildings. It combines features such as fanwall technology and factory-installed variable frequency drive (VFD), with tremendous application flexibility for use in a wide variety of applications such as 15-to-70-ton packaged DX cooling and heating (for VAV or make-up air systems), cleanable shell and tube condensers, variable speed scroll compressors for efficient and reliable part-load operation water source heat pump (reverse cycle) options, and optional free cooling waterside economizer coil and valve package to take advantage of hours of cooling without the use of compressors. It is available in all configurations as a knock-down replacement unit that can fit through standard doorways.

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