Becoming a market leader in the HVAC industry requires much more than just providing good service; it’s about leveraging the right marketing strategies to reach and win your potential customers.

At this point, the Internet and smartphones have taken over the business marketing scene and that means it is in the best interest of HVAC contractors to consider showcasing their skills and services appropriately.


Pay-per-click advertising is when business advertisements are placed on search engines and, in return, the search engines match related search queries with the advertisement. If the potential client clicks on the advertisement, the company is billed and the surfer is transferred to a landing page to continue his or her buying journey. Here are the key points a company should focus on when creating a pay-per-click advertisement:

• Be relevant. Does the advertising copy reflect the services the company offers? Do not let customers click on an advert only to be disappointed when they get to your website;

• Use keywords customers are using in their search queries, including keywords competitors are using; and

• Design an effective landing page. Ensure the design, content, and call to action encourage customers to continue the buying process.


A picture is worth a thousand words, and video is an effective way to capture a client’s attention because it combines sound, imagery, and is demonstrative. Here are some of the key points to win in video marketing:

• Educate your audience. Forget a sales pitch; you cannot sell a product that customers do not know enough about;

• Review your product. Demonstrate how the product suits the customers’ needs and focus on unique selling points;

• Give a call to action. Customers have seen the product, they know how it works, but does it suit their needs? Guide them into taking the next step in the buying process.


Knowing how the competition is marketing their businesses online is very important. It helps management effectively compare and understand whether the company is losing its market share. Check what keywords they are using in their advertising; look at their websites and landing pages; check how they are reaching out to their customers; and consider their pricing, promotions, and other important strategies. Based on this research, you can:

• Rank yourself against competitors to understand how well a product or the company’s overall service is perceived;

• Find opportunity gaps that need to be filled and capitalize on them;

• Create strategies that uniquely set the company apart from the competition;

• Capitalize on their weaknesses to meet the needs of the potential client base; and

• Improve service offerings to measure up in the market.


Markets are always evolving and so are marketing trends. As an HVAC contractor, strength lies in continually studying the market to adjust service offerings, marketing campaigns, and business process strategies. Online marketing will not help a company much if the customers feel the contractor is not appropriately serving the market. A company should:

• Check technology trends to understand the HVAC products in the market and how they can make customers’ lives better;

• Understand how it can better communicate to the customers; and

• Understand how market changes may impact the business and adjust accordingly.


Today, a company cannot underestimate the power of social media for business. From engaging in conversations that establish the company as a thought leader in the industry to offering customer support — social media is a must. If handled well, this form of communication has a way of influencing customers’ buying decisions. Here are some social media focus points:

• Select channels that best reflect the company’s HVAC offerings and grow that community;

• Be there when the customers are in need;

• Search for conversations that relate to the business and participate; and

• Forget sales pitches and focus on engagement; the customers will come.


Marketing needs to be intelligently applied to not only win customers but also build brands and communities. Consistency is vital when it comes to the Internet; do it right and keep improving, and the clients will come.

Publication date: 4/11/2016 

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