HOUSTON — HTS, one of the largest independent commercial HVAC manufacturers’ representatives in North America, aims to continue its growth with a goal to double its revenue in Texas by 2020. HTS was founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1992 and expanded to begin business in Texas in 2001. The company plans to grow its Texas revenues by 2020 to reach $330 million in just 19 years of operation.

To move toward its projections and goals, HTS will continue to hire across Texas in all divisions and positions. The company plans to hire more than 40 new employees in 2016, resulting in a 20 percent increase in staff.

HTS represents Daikin commercial HVAC products in both the Texas and Ontario markets. Daikin is expanding in Texas along with HTS. Daikin is in the process of building a new campus that will include manufacturing, engineering, logistics, and supporting departments. The building, when completed, will have the second largest industrial footprint in North America.

Daikin plans to consolidate all HVAC manufacturing and testing facilities currently located in both Tennessee and Texas required to produce residential, commercial, and VRV products. The facility will be the first Daikin campus that will manufacture both ducted and ductless HVAC systems. The plant’s location is near Houston, and will allow easy access for HTS to quickly provide Daikin equipment to customers in the state.

“The new business campus will provide many outstanding benefits to our customers,” said Takeshi Ebisu, president and CEO of Daikin North America. “The operational efficiencies we achieve will be reflected in the superb quality of our high-efficiency, energy-saving heating and cooling systems. As the leading global HVAC manufacturer, we are excited about the outstanding value that this move will bring to our current and future customers. We see this new business campus as a strong, long-term commitment to our customers in North America.”

The building automations system (BAS) division of HTS will also be expanding statewide in 2016. This division specializes in integrating systems and devices from various manufacturers into a unified platform that can be managed and controlled in real time by building owners using their web browser.

“Our customers are realizing the value of having one vendor to supply all of their BAS, service, and equipment needs. We are a part of their building since conception, and in many cases are involved with the design of the system,” said Shane Riley, BAS manager for HTS. “This gives HTS added insight to every part of the HVAC system for the life of the building. The operator also has one number to call for any HVAC or energy needs, which leads to lightning fast service and less downtime.”

“Across Texas we’ve seen a growing demand for access to real-time information from any device in a system with easy-to-use building dashboards. Integrated controls are becoming a necessity as they allow building owners to obtain unified data with easy to drill down analytics for power consumption, occupant behavior, and building health,” said Mike Donovan, president and owner of HTS Texas.

For more information about HTS Texas, go to http://texas.htseng.com.

For more information about Daikin, visit www.daikin.com.

Publication date: 2/5/2016

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