CAREL has introduced the HEOS Sistema high-efficiency showcase controller, a technologically advanced, high-efficiency solution for the management of refrigerated cases and cold rooms for the food retail industry.

“The classic architecture of a compressor rack supplying the refrigerated cases with long distribution lines can be replaced by HEOS Sistema featuring remote showcases fitted with variable-speed brushless DC (BLDC) compressors cooled by a water loop,” said Luigi Nalini, Group CEO.

Nalini added that each unit, fitted with its own BLDC compressor, can adapt its operating pressure to the load conditions in real time, allowing the compressor to operate in the most energy-advantageous conditions at all times.

According to CAREL, the heat of condensation from the refrigerated cases is carried outside of the store via a simple water loop, which in turn is cooled by an outdoor free cooling device. The water loop can be integrated into the HVAC management system, allowing advanced heat recovery functions and consequently savings in both cooling and heating operating modes.

CAREL’s innovative technology includes both the system itself and the control logic, supplying inverters and electronic expansion valves with continuous modulation for optimum management of BLDC variable speed compressors. These devices, together with CAREL inverters, are instrumental in optimizing the management of units with BLDC technology, the company said.

According to CAREL, the economic and environmental benefits of HEOS include:

• High energy efficiency as a result of the use of BLDC compressors that maximize the COP of each refrigerated case.

• Excellent temperature control inside the refrigerated case by modulating the operating speed of the BLDC compressors.

• Fast installation, flexible design of spaces and maximum use of the sales area, being able to simply relocate the plug-in showcases.

• Environmentally-friendly, due to the drastic reduction in total refrigerant charge.

The HEOS Sistema is the recipient of the 2016 AHR Expo Innovation Award in the Refrigeration category.

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