ORLANDO, Fla. — AAB Smart Tools has announced the launch of the SPM-100, what the company says is the HVAC industry’s first smartphone static pressure meter.

AAB said it recognized that many HVAC technicians are not comfortable using traditional static pressure meters and interpreting the meter’s data. With that in mind, the company set out to design a tool that would be easy to use and guide the technician through the testing and data sharing process. It performs all the functions of a traditional handheld dual-port manometer, plus additional features such as onscreen guidance for accurate readings that utilize the power of the smartphone or tablet. The meter features a free application that provides the technician with guidance in taking complex measurements.

The meter utilizes an accessory product, the PRB-KIT. The newly designed static probe kit comes in an ergonomic carrying case that has a tubing management system to keep two 6-foot sections of latex tubing safe and in place. AAB also incorporated a color-coding system that shows the user exactly how to use and place the red and blue probes with onscreen guidance from the app. The probes are made from heavy-duty stainless steel and have a magnetic base that is shaped to indicate the exact probe direction after it is inserted into the duct.

“The biggest challenge with manometers has always been capturing, understanding, and conveying the importance of static pressure in a forced air system,” said Scott Madden, vice president of product development. “It is comparable to blood pressure in the human body in terms of the system health and should be checked during every tune-up. The SPM-100 provides detailed and graphic onscreen guidance to remind and assist the user on the correct way to take pressure measurements for several critical tests. This makes it possible for all levels of technicians to provide valuable feedback on the system’s performance to their customers and suggest strategies to improve efficiency.”

For more information, visit www.aabsmart.com.

Publication date: 7/29/2015

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