Schott Termofrost® AGD 3 all-glass door system for refrigeration cases in U.S. stores.
Schott Termofrost® AGD 3 all-glass door system for refrigeration cases in U.S. stores.

The Germany-based company Schott is making inroads into the United States refrigeration market with production facilities in Indiana and a glass-door system introduced this past fall at a major trade show.

The Schott Termofrost® AGD 3 all-glass door system for refrigeration cases in U.S. stores was shown at the 2014 National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) Show in Las Vegas.

The company said in a statement that it “has recognized the benefits of combining German engineering with American manufacturing to produce the highest quality product. (Our) Vincennes, Indiana, facility fulfills that goal for the Termofrost AGD 3 and other systems through a one-piece manufacturing product flow that ensures quality checks throughout production.” The company claimed, “The North American market has been limited in its selection of all-glass door technology. Schott’s entrance into the market will offer more energy efficient choices that provide greater visibility for chillers.”

Termofrost AGD 3 was first introduced in Europe and is combined with the company’s Denali French door system so that it has no metal frame or border, providing a larger merchandise viewing area with energy-free doors that don’t require a heating system.

The company claimed these doors can reduce energy consumption by 60 percent over open refrigeration cabinets. The design and composition are said to be suited to grocery stores looking to retrofit open cold cases to better conserve energy by maintaining temperature control.

The company also introduced its next-generation Polaris® LED lighting systems at the expo. This LED technology, produced using new manufacturing methods, has a longer lifetime and improves energy efficiency by eliminating the need for power regulators, the company said. “Schott’s commitment to quality and energy reduction is the driving focus of our efforts,” said Martin Doyle, Schott director of food display sales. “The Termofrost AGD 3 and our new Polaris LED technology are just two examples of Schott’s commitment to the North American market. Our Vincennes facility is constantly streamlining its manufacturing process by bringing best-in-class manufacturing from across Asia and Europe to the U.S. as we enter a new era of superior glass products.”

Regarding the manufacturing process, it was noted that a one-piece flow system is designed to build quality checks into the process rather than the inspection at the end of the line.

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