Video is a powerful marketing tool for today’s contractor. Not only does it provide a 74 percent increase in visitors’ understanding of a product or service compared to pictures, but it also increases the likelihood of visitors purchasing a product or service by 64 percent.

Every HVAC business should be utilizing video in their marketing strategies in order to increase engagement and conversation with customers. Whether it’s providing more thorough instruction on smaller fixes that consumers can make or giving a better look into the products and services your business provides, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Additionally, a report by YuMe found that millennials are the heaviest viewers of any type of video content when compared to Gen Xers and baby boomers. This means HVAC businesses must understand how to leverage video in order to get in front of a growing and increasingly influential customer base.

101 Videos

Informational videos are a great way to provide useful advice to customers without requiring an HVAC professional to come to their houses. It also allows you to develop thought leadership among your customer base. If customers are always turning to your videos for help around the house, when they eventually need someone to come out and help them with a bigger project, you’ll be the first professional they call.

Referencing informational videos can show you how to shoot basic videos and get some ideas on how to create those of your own.

This type of informational video should be approximately three minutes in length. Other tips to consider include:

• Plan out your shots before shooting starts;

• Hold your camera steady so you don’t have shaky footage; and

• Have your subjects face the light source in the camera shoot.

DIY Series

It’s all the rage right now for homeowners to take part in do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. These give a much-needed facelift to their homes and save money. Video can provide a great opportunity to become a thought leader among these DIYers and brand yourself as the go-to source when they run into problems as they embark on their own DIY home renovations.

These videos may include instruction on how to do basic seasonal maintenance, like changing the air filter or humidifier water panel, and a clear explanation on when and how to get outside help. It’s important to carefully walk through each step and provide simple instructions on the topic you’re covering.

Think ahead of time about the questions your customers may have along the way and the problems they may encounter. Address all of these in the video. It’s important to try to keep the length of the video short, so it may work better to focus on single topics and create more videos. This approach will work better than trying to create one long video that covers multiple facets of a DIY project.

Live Video Chats

Live video chat technology is a great way to interact with customers and provide them with real-time help when they need it. All that is required is a technology device with Wi-Fi, a camera, a microphone, and the necessary software to perform the chat. These live chats can be utilized to:

• Provide consultation to a group of customers on certain topics;

• Invite customers into private one-on-one chats to help them with an issue; and

• Host a live chat forum that allows participants to have a discussion on a specific topic with the help of an HVAC expert.

All of these are great ways to get in front of customers and provide expertise without having to spend money on gas to visit them in their homes. Good software platforms to use for these chats include Skype, Google-Plus Hangouts, Oovoo, and Tango. It is important you test each option before using it with customers. Ask some of your team members to jump on the chat to work out any technical bugs and understand exactly how the chat needs to be coordinated.

Promotional Videos

Although more traditional, promotional videos are a worthwhile investment for HVAC businesses. This industry isn’t necessarily “sexy,” and it can be difficult to get people excited or interested in what you’re doing. However, it’s a necessary part of home ownership, and everyone can benefit from gaining a basic understanding of the HVAC systems, in their homes. With this in mind, your promotional videos should touch on things that affect your customers on a daily basis. Tug at their heartstrings; give them a reason for concern. Get their attention and let them know you’re there to help.

When producing these videos, think about the following:

• Audience — Who are you trying to reach, and why would they care about what you have to say?

• Messaging — What one key message are you trying to convey to the audience?

• Length — Try to keep these videos shorter than 45 seconds. Focus on telling and showing only what viewers need to know.

• Connection — Suggest how it affects the health of their family or how they will sleep better at night.

• Quality — Perhaps the most important piece of a promotional video is its quality. In the end, it only does you any good if people watch it, and they will watch it if they like it.

Implementing any of these ideas into your video marketing strategy will help to increase your relevance and connect with a larger customer base. It’s up to you and your team to determine what approach to take and how your business will best be served.

Publication date: 1/26/2015

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