Greenfield Direct LLC: Water Flow MeterThe FloMeter offers an added level of data and protection to a water protection system by extending homeowners the ability to track cumulative quantities of water used for consumption, conservation, and leak-detection purposes. The PipeBurst Pro FloMeter allows a consumer to track user-set quantities of water through a predefined amount of time. This is beneficial when looking at overall space consumption, in a home, apartment, condo, or office. After data is collected, a consumer can understand more about the daily workings of a certain property by looking at peak- and low-consumption points. In assessing this data, the consumer can then use the information to change habits or routines as necessary. With more advanced settings, a consumer has the option to set minimum and maximum thresholds in order to be better informed and protected against over use, unintended use, and leaks. All of this information is collected and matriculated using

Greenfield Direct LLC


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