As technology continues to advance, more and more industry mobile applications are becoming available for smartphones and tablets. These mobile apps can be valuable tools for HVACR customers, contractors, distributors, and manufacturers.

Here at The NEWS, we will be spotlighting several of these mobile apps each month. If you have an app you would like included in the App Zone, please complete our online submission form. If you have any questions, please email

LG Smart AC

LG Smart ACCompany: LG Electronics Inc.

Platform(s): Apple and Android mobile devices

Updated: August 2014

Cost: Free

Where to download: iTunes, Google Play, and

Description: Paving the way for smart home solutions, the Smart AC app helps consumers enhance their personal comfort and conserve energy with LG duct-free split air conditioning systems. When used in conjunction with the LG Smart AC Module, the app provides an ideal solution for homeowners looking for additional energy savings and lower utility bills by giving the end user ultimate control over the entire system. The LG Smart AC app offers convenience and flexibility, allowing homeowners to customize their home temperature whether at home or away, easily fitting into their busy lifestyles.

Quote: “The innovative new software by LG is part of our continuous effort to offer consumers more convenience and flexibility to simplify everyday tasks. The Smart AC app with the Smart AC Module easily fits into consumers’ busy lifestyles by allowing them to adjust their home temperature from anywhere, while also working as an energy saving air solution.” — Marc Zipfel, director of product marketing and planning, LG

Service Frequency

Service FrequencyCompany: Profit Strategies

Platform(s): Apple, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry mobile devices

Updated: Weekly

Cost: $99 per month, $0.50 per each agreement

Where to download:

Description: Service Frequency is a cloud-based, turn-key solution that provides all the training, marketing, and management tools needed to implement, manage, track, and profit from a successful maintenance agreement and service contract program. The app includes automatic agreement scheduling, professional marketing collateral library, automated communications, up-to-date reporting, and training and support. Service Frequency will help the user improve his or her reliability, efficiency, and staff retention.

Quote: “Service Frequency users of all sizes — from those just starting out to those with thousands of agreements — have been thrilled with their newfound ability to stay in control of their maintenance agreement programs. From scheduling to automated communications, marketing materials, and up-to-the-minute reporting, Service Frequency makes sure you have all the tools needed to be successful and that nothing will ever again slip through the cracks.” — Jamie D’Amico, president and CEO, Profit Strategies

EssentialsPro Mobile©

EssentialsPro MobileCompany: CUC Software

Platform(s): Android mobile devices (iOS version coming soon)

Released: October 2014

Cost: Free to download

Where to download: Google Play and

Description: This app takes the power of CUC’s fully integrated Contractor Essentials© system — including accounting, job costing, service dispatch, marketing/CRM, inventory, and more — to the next level by putting the information service techs need in their hands at the job site. The app streamlines dispatch time and reduces time to complete paperwork by eliminating dual entry between the field and office staff. EssentialsPro Mobile© maintains a database on the mobile device, so technicians can access and enter information, whether they have a live data connection or not. Using the app, technicians have instant access to work order details, customer/site addresses, mapping, phone numbers, dialing, equipment models and serial numbers, install and warranty end dates, service history, and more. Techs can add equipment, work completed, customer signatures, and more on the fly; record start, pause, and stop times; sync back to payroll; and capture job site photos that are automatically copied back to the server and attach them to the job record.

Quote: “While we are still only scratching the surface of the possibilities in the field, the app has been a great help to give our field technicians more autonomy in accessing client information. Technical staff can enter their work and complete notes through their device; and, with a simple sync, these notes seamlessly appear in our main office system. This will save a lot of time from a data-entry perspective. We are very excited to see the future possibilities of what EssentialsPro mobile can do.” — Andre Soucy, co-owner, Haven Home ClimateCare

Equipment Field Entry

Equipment Field EntryCompany: Dexter + Chaney Inc.

Platform(s): Apple and Android mobile devices

Updated: August 2014

Cost: Free to download

Where to download: iTunes, Google Play, and

Description: The Equipment Field Entry app is a simple, powerful tool for gathering and analyzing equipment data in the field. Using the app, users can select a job and view all equipment assigned to it, or view the location of equipment in the field. The app can be used to enter data such as usage hours and odometer readings as well as track fuel transaction or amounts of fuel dispensed. Equipment Field Entry can also track scheduled maintenance tasks informing users of when maintenance is due and recording when maintenance tasks are completed. The Equipment Field Entry app connects directly to Dexter + Chaney’s Spectrum Construction Software suite, allowing for data to flow seamlessly into the system to keep financial and project information up to date. The app can also work offline and sync with Spectrum when connected to the Internet. The app includes Bluetooth capability that enables it to automatically connect and communicate with fuel tank flow meters.

Quote: “One of the biggest benefits of the Equipment Field Entry app is its ability to track fuel usage and gather data to get better control of fuel costs. Fuel itself can amount to as much as one-third of operating expenses on equipment. Most companies have not had a simple, effective way to accurately gauge fuel readings and, therefore, many make rough projections or lump fuel costs together as overhead. With Equipment Field Entry, that data can be easily gathered and equipment managers can get accurate, up-to-date utilization rates for equipment; stay on top of maintenance; and manage equipment more effectively and efficiently overall.” — John Chaney, CEO and co-founder, Dexter + Chaney

ADEPT – HVAC Selection

ADEPT â?? HVAC SelectionCompany: Armstrong Fluid Technology

Platform(s): Apple iPad

Updated/Released: October 2014

Cost: Free to download

Where to download: iTunes and

Description: Armstrong Fluid Technology has enhanced its Adept Pump Selection Software with the release of a new app for iPad and other mobile devices. Designed to take mobile interface to a whole new level, the new Adept app allows engineers and end users to quickly select a variety of intelligent HVAC product solutions from virtually anywhere in the world. An innovative, intuitive screen design allows users to view line drawings, multi-curves, photos, voltage, motor size, seal operating limits, seal options, construction options, and more than a dozen motor options. Adept then lists the pumps that meet users’ specific criteria as well as the key characteristics of each selection, such as efficiency at average load, operating costs, and motor size. Adept has been redesigned for each of the most popular browsers and mobile devices and features a native application for the iPad. Adept complements Armstrong’s Design Envelope products, including commercial and residential pumps, suction guides, and Flo-Trex valves.

Quote: “Adept was created to interface with Armstrong’s innovative design envelope intelligent engineered fluid systems, which help users design more energy-efficient buildings, significantly reduce installation and operating costs, and gain a smaller footprint in the mechanical room.” — Mohan Gulati, Adept product manager, Armstrong Fluid Technology

Publication date: 12/22/2014

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