OKLAHOMA CITY — CMP Corp., an HVAC and refrigeration parts manufacturer and distributor, has announced the introduction of its online compressor configuration application, designed to allow customers to configure and order its Re-Engineered Compressors™ quickly and efficiently. The new solution was designed and developed by Centricity Systems, a NetSuite SuiteCloud® developer.

According to CMP, the new configurator has given its customers an easy-to-use and time-saving solution while saving CMP countless hours correcting and handling returns due to incorrect compressor orders.

“Our customers need to configure and order complex industrial compressors that have nearly a million possible combinations across the various brands,” said Brad Croy, CMP president. “We needed a way to provide an online tool that would simplify the configuration and order process for both our customers and our sales team and eliminate the high error rates and call-backs.”

“We looked at a number of NetSuite providers to help us come up with a solution to solve this complex challenge and no one other than Centricity Systems was able to design and deliver the innovative configurator that simplifies the entire process,” Croy said. “Even our sales team uses the tool to help customers over the phone. The information in our industry has never been organized in this manner.”

Centricity Systems is no stranger to building complex custom solutions for its clients on the NetSuite platform. “When CMP approached us with their situation, we used our development expertise and deep understanding of NetSuite to come up with the configurator solution,” said Steve Larsen, Centricity Systems managing partner. “It was important to make this both simple for the customer but also for CMP to easily administer. We provided a custom administrative application in NetSuite for setting up the configurator’s many options and rules, and developed the front-end web configurator so CMP’s customers could simply point-and-click to configure their complex compressors, free from mistakes and errors.”

Larsen continued, “We love these types of challenges where we get to show how NetSuite can be expanded and enhanced to meet the unique business requirements of our clients.”

To view the compressor configurator, go to www.cmpcorp.com/Compressors/ and follow the links for any brand or model to Compressor Configurator.

For more information on Centricity Systems, visit www.centricitysystems.com.

For more information on CMP Corp., visit www.cmpcorp.com.

Publication date: 7/21/2014

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