ST. LOUIS - Emerson Climate Technologies has worked hand-in hand with OEM, Refrigeration Design Technologies Inc. to create the new RDT Eco-Cool refrigeration rack. Emerson Climate Technologies Copeland Scroll Digital™ compressor is the centerpiece of this new concept.

“With the introduction of the Copeland Scroll Digital compressor, Emerson Climate Technologies provided a technological advancement that is changing the way we address environmentally responsible initiatives in the food service industry,” said Brent Dyess, vice president of Refrigeration Design Technologies. “This was the missing piece that is now in place to provide the utmost in versatility and energy efficiency.”

According to the company, with the new compressor, the Eco-Cool system offers precise control of individual compressors, allowing an application that would typically require eight compressors, to now utilize only two digital scroll compressors - one medium temperature and one low temperature. It also includes a back-up compressor for 100 percent redundancy. With fewer compressors, the Eco-Cool system has a smaller system footprint, lower refrigerant volume, and reduced electrical consumption.

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