The BP GroupCompany Name: The BP Group

Partners: John Losey & Robert Barbera

Annual Cost: N/A

Losey & Barbera’s Goals: “After viewing our website, we would like our clients to walk away with two things — quality and professionalism. We deliver the best quality and professionalism, not only shown through our website, but in all we do in offering our customers the best possible service and installation for their HVAC needs. Our website gives a very unique and innovative experience that guides users through The BP Group’s history, services, and brand — leveraging current Web technologies and great UI/UX design. We were able to not only organize an enormous amount of information but also create intuitive information and sales funnels to guide users to exactly what they need.”

Professional Opinion: Overall score: 88.5.

“As The BP Group is a commercial HVAC company, and the needs of a residential customer versus a commercial customer are different, I’m going to eliminate the findability category.

“I would give an 87 for accessibility and content. Their website is clean and easy to navigate. It’s content-rich with large, easy-to-read text sections. The top and bottom navigation menus are robust and well-organized. The company also utilizes responsive design, which means its design automatically adjusts based on the device a visitor uses (smartphone vs. desktop computer). does not have a phone number in the top-right section of the site nor do they make use of contact forms on each page, but these features are not nearly as important for a commercial HVAC contractor as they are for companies targeting residential customers.

“I would give the site a 91 for identity and trust. By prominently featuring the executive team on the main page of the site, The BP Group earns high marks in this category. They also earn extra points for providing a partial client list with several well-known companies such as Barnes & Noble, Cingular Wireless, Cantor Fitzgerald, AON, and many others.”

— Ben Landers, president and CEO, Blue Corona

Publication date: 6/9/2014 

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