EDITOR’S NOTE: The article titled “Proper Recovery Procedures” is the first of a series. This article, “Proper Maintenance of a Recovery Unit,” features important maintenance considerations in order to keep the recovery unit operating properly. Like the previous article, the information comes from Refco. While specific to the company’s Enviro recovery unit, awareness of proper maintenance can help all technicians better understand what’s involved in the process. As always, service technicians are encouraged to contact the manufacturer of the unit they have for detailed instructions and follow them precisely.

refrigerant recovery unitThe ENVIRO will provide many seasons of reliable service if it is properly maintained. The actual maintenance requirements are minimal but important.

1. Keep the unit clean by wiping it down with a damp cloth to remove dirt, oils, etc., prior to storage for the day. Standard household detergent or isopropyl alcohol may be used if the unit is particularly dirty. In all cases, exercise care to prevent liquids from entering the unit. Gasoline and other solvents are to be avoided as they can damage the plastic enclosure and they are hazardous.

2. Clean inlet particle filter regularly. Discard internal filter screen if it is heavily contaminated and replace with a new screen. Replace screen for efficiency.

3. Ensure that the inlet and discharge ports are protected and kept clean by replacing the plastic caps after every use. For best results, keep a filter prominently connected to the inlet port and change it regularly.

4. Change hoses periodically as they develop leaks and a buildup of contaminants over time. Change hoses at least once per season.

5. When performance declines, it is likely that the compressor seals require replacing. This is normal with use and may occur after a year or two or more often, depending upon the conditions that are prevalent during the recovery operations. Contact your wholesaler for assistance in selecting the proper maintenance kit.

6. Do not change any of the original components as the safety of the machine could be compromised. All service work must be performed at a Refco-approved facility in order to maintain the safety rating and the warranty, if applicable.

7. For disposal, bring the recovery machine to an official recycling location.