ST. PAUL, Minn. — For many service businesses, measuring customer satisfaction can be difficult. They don’t have the time, resources, or know-how to accurately measure customer satisfaction. And once they do, they don’t know how to analyze and take steps to improve their business as a result. To help those businesses, HindSite Software has released an eBook, Measuring Customer Satisfaction: The Ultimate Guide for Service Businesses.

The new eBook is designed to show service businesses how to measure customer satisfaction by sending post-service surveys as well as annual customer satisfaction surveys.

“Our customers are very service focused,” said Chad Reinholz, marketing manager at HindSite Software, a provider of field service software for service businesses. “It’s a competitive environment, and they’re always looking for ways to improve. Customer satisfaction surveys give them an opportunity to improve based on the most important feedback possible — their customers.”

The eBook not only helps service businesses craft effective surveys, but also walks them through some common ways businesses benchmark their results, as well as how to create a loyalty test that will indicate how they’re perceived by customers.

Measuring Customer Satisfaction also explores how to act on customer satisfaction survey results, including:

• How to internally review and communicate your results.

• How to make an action plan and why it’s important to communicate changes to your customers.

• How to leverage the data to improve training.

• Tips to improve relationships with dissatisfied customers.

• Leveraging your satisfied customers.

“Measuring customer satisfaction is great, but if you aren’t acting on it, you’re wasting everyone’s time,” said Reinholz. “In the eBook, we spent a significant amount of time explaining ways to leverage the data from a customer satisfaction survey to improve a service business.”

Measuring Customer Satisfaction is available for free download by clicking here.

Publication date: 4/28/2014

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