HARRISBURG, Pa. — Customers in Pennsylvania who sign up for new residential electric service with Direct Energy can also receive a free six-month trial of Direct Energy’s “Heating and Cooling Repair Essential Plan.”

For a limited time, customers who reside in single-family homes and sign up for new residential service are offered the plan. If they choose to accept, they will receive a free six-month trial. The plan provides priority service when scheduling appointments and any repair to their HVAC system, up to $500 per visit, is covered at no cost. There is a $2,000 cap on repairs per year. At the end of six months, customers will have the opportunity to renew for $16.99 per month. Current Direct Energy customers can also sign up for the new protection plan for$16.99 per month for 12 months.

The plan is provided by Home Warranty of America®, a Direct Energy company. Priority service is provided by a One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning contractor, another Direct Energy affiliate.

“It was a difficult winter and we’re all concerned with saving money. The warmer months are approaching and air conditioning can be a big expense,” said Manu Asthana, president of Direct Energy’s residential business. “We’re launching this energy and protection plan bundle to help our customers save money.”

“This is an innovative solution that offers peace of mind. Customers will know that most repairs of their system will be covered and that it is operating efficiently,” says Scott Boose, president of Direct Energy Services. “This was designed with very few exclusions after listening to our customers about what they need and want.”

Customers can enroll in this plan by visiting www.directenergy.com or by calling 855-461-1927.

Publication date: 4/28/2014

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