SEATTLE — Optimum Energy, a provider of data-driven HVAC energy optimization for enterprise facilities, has announced the launch of its OptiCx™ Platform. The company said the platform delivers holistic energy management with the option to start with “essential” energy optimization of HVAC systems, along with engineering support services.

“At Optimum Energy, we’re excited to debut the OptiCx Platform,” said Matt Frey, president and CEO of Optimum Energy, “The OptiCx Platform offers our customers an innovative, scalable approach to suit their individualized equipment performance and energy management needs, with the option for additional energy optimization services through our patented operational modules and platform enhancements.”

“The OptiCx Platform offers a full menu of holistic energy optimization features for complex HVAC systems,” added Ian Dempster, senior director of product innovation. “Optimum Energy is changing the way of looking at energy efficiency solutions. By offering a wider, customizable platform approach, we are incentivizing businesses who may not have had the budget to implement large-scale efficiency projects to take the first step on a path to greener, smarter, and energy efficient future for their building systems.”

The OptiCx Platform provides individualized energy management and energy efficiency solutions for large-scale HVAC systems through two subscription levels: Essentials and Expert. The scalable, modular design of the platform provides Expert subscribers options for incremental energy optimization based on their energy efficiency goals, providing real-time system management that reduces operational expenses by as much as 50 percent. The Essentials subscription package offers operational analytics on HVAC system electricity consumption and carbon emissions, which can be an important, but optional first step towards the holistic energy optimization offered in the Expert plan.

According to the company, the OptiCx Platform communicates with mechanical systems and devices through a network of sensors that communicates directly with the building automation system (BAS). In both the Essentials and Expert subscription levels, operational modules continuously pull data from sensors, and cloud-based operational analytics and real-time data are available anywhere. The Expert subscription level adds full energy optimization: in this plan, the modules use patented, sophisticated algorithms to route recommendations to the BAS on how to minimize power draw from throughout the system. The Expert plan is a closed-loop process that occurs on a continuous, real-time basis without requiring operator intervention

Subscribers to the platform have access to a series of web and mobile-based applications, including the OptiCx Trend™ app, which is available via web browser or mobile device (in both the iOS and Android platforms). OptiCx Trend is a customizable app that offers subscribers the ability to proactively respond to operational changes as they occur and verify site performance against forecasted and pre-optimized levels.

The platform also offers a variety of enhancements for purchase as subscription add-ons. These enhancements include machine learning modules, which leverage Optimum’s large set of operational data to improve system-level energy optimization and performance over time. Machine learning modules are the result of Optimum Energy’s continuing partnership with The Data Guild. These modules incorporate data science and Optimum’s engineering expertise to predict performance of mechanical systems and optimize the efficiency of HVAC equipment in large-scale systems.

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Publication date: 4/21/2014

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