Trane, a brand of Ingersoll Rand: Variable Air SystemAvailable for new installations and retrofits, the EarthWise™ Intelligent Variable Air System uses advanced technology, new design strategies, and optimized controls to deliver lower energy costs and higher occupant satisfaction, the company said. The systems precisely monitor and quickly react to changing conditions to keep building occupants comfortable. Standard applications and operator dashboards, supported by thorough documentation, simplify the system for optimal operation. Dashboards also include built-in calculations to help define the provided cost savings. The user interfaces are optimized for mobile use, so the system adapts for monitoring and management from a workstation, tablet, or smartphone. The system, which can be viewed on the Tracer™ Building Automation System (BAS) Operator Suite application, allows customers to monitor systems, make set point changes, view dashboard graphics, control spaces, and manage alarms. It uses BACnet™ communications, allowing the system and equipment controllers to operate together as a high-performance system or integrate with an existing system using the same open protocol. EarthWise Intelligent Variable Air Systems incorporate dynamic ventilation control and economizer-free cooling. Zone dampers and optimized ventilation sequences reduce the amount of outdoor air needed for ventilation, minimizing energy use while complying with mechanical codes. According to the manufacturer, the systems are ideal for use in commercial office spaces, K-12 schools, and higher-education facilities.

Trane, a brand of Ingersoll Rand

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