microchannel coilPackaged air conditioning solutions from Trane now feature a more rugged microchannel aluminum coil construction to increase reliability and sustainability. The more robust microchannel coil replaces copper and aluminum tube-and-fin condenser coils. The microchannel coils reduce refrigerant charge by as much as 50 percent, creating a healthier and greener environment, said the manufacturer. The new designs also leverage reusable packaging in the manufacturing process to reduce landfill waste. Packaged air conditioning solutions featuring the microchannel coil include the Voyager II (12.5 to 25 tons), Voyager Commercial (27 to 50 tons), and the IntelliPak™ line (20 to 75 tons). The high-efficiency Voyager II is particularly useful in restaurant and large retail applications. The IntelliPak and Voyager Commercial are highly flexible rooftop solutions featuring multiple factory-installed offerings that make them ideal for diverse applications, including malls, offices, manufacturing, health care, and primary/secondary education facilities. The rooftop packaged air conditioning solutions featuring the new microchannel condenser meet LEED-BC EAc4-Enhanced Refrigerant Management requirements.

Trane, a brand of Ingersoll Rand

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