BOSTON — Powerhouse Dynamics has been awarded a United States patent, US 8,649,987 B2, for remote HVAC and commercial equipment analytics and diagnostics. The patented functionality is a core component of its SiteSage™ enterprise energy and asset management system, designed for multi-site operators of small commercial facilities, such as restaurant, convenience store, and specialty retail chains.

The patent recognizes the system’s unique combination of equipment power monitoring at the circuit level with proprietary statistical algorithms and third-party data (such as weather data) to monitor equipment performance and identify inefficiencies and other issues. For example, the system can pinpoint compressors that are short-cycling, economizers that are not functioning properly, or any piece of equipment that is no longer following standard operating profiles, and provides alerts and details to the appropriate company and vendor personnel so that corrective action can be taken.

“We designed the SiteSage platform to be a next-generation energy management system, combining controls and analytics to maximize operational efficiencies,” said Martin Flusberg, Powerhouse Dynamics CEO. “This patent reinforces the value of SiteSage, going beyond the delivery of improved energy management to include the delivery of enhanced equipment performance management.”

SiteSage, formerly known as the eMonitor, allows customers to centrally control HVAC and other electrical loads with an intuitive web interface and mobile apps, said the company. It remotely monitors equipment to diagnose performance issues and identify savings opportunities. SiteSage makes it simple to benchmark energy usage and equipment performance across facilities, allowing multi-location companies to identify and share best practices, optimizing performance across the chain. The system was designed specifically for smaller facilities, said Powerhouse Dynamics, so it offers low cost, easy installation, simple operation, and minimum imposition on staff time.

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Publication date: 3/17/2014

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