Continental Control Systems LLC: Rogowski Coil Current TransformerThe CTRC Rogowski coil current transformers are flexible, rope-like current sensors that can be connected around conductors. With their flexible design, the CTRC transformers are perfect for large bus bars and irregularly shaped conductor bundles, said the company. Available for single- and three-phase services, the output of the CTRC’s flexible coil is connected to a conditioning circuit, where it is converted to a low-voltage 333.33 mVac signal compatible with any WattNode® meter for accurate energy (kWh) and power (kW) production and consumption measurements. The UL-recognized current transformer provides accuracy of ±1.0 percent from 5-120 percent of rated current for loads up to 6,000 A. Four standard models are offered, covering various conductor sizes. Nonstandard size and load configurations are available upon request.

Continental Control Systems LLC

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