Aeroseal LLC: Duct-Sealing Equipment, ProgramA new program lowers the barriers for HVAC businesses, duct-sealing professionals, and others looking to enter the home energy-efficiency market, the company said. The centerpiece of the program is HomeSeal, the next-generation aerosol duct-sealing system, which greatly simplifies the duct-sealing process from start to finish. The more compact model, designed specifically for residential duct sealing projects, reduces the number of components and connections used to set up the equipment. The entire assembly is integrated into a single portable unit that makes it easy to set up, use, and put away. According to the company, the nontoxic sealant works from inside the ductwork to seal leaks, making it easy to administer. It is highly effective at sealing all leaks in the ductwork, including those hidden behind walls or under insulation. The new program offers comprehensive training and ongoing support to the company’s new dealers for an additional cost.

Aeroseal LLC

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