BOLINGBROOK, Ill. — Hansen Technologies Corp. issued a recall on certain pressure relief valves sold for industrial use from Feb. 16, 2011 to April 4, 2013.

The valves were found to be more susceptible to internal corrosion when exposed to standing water inside the valve.

Hansen representatives said even though the risk is remote, the failure of a pressure release valve could conceivably result in serious personal injury and/or property damage.

In response to this, Hansen initiated a program to send replacement valves, so any valves currently at risk can be replaced. Hansen has not received any reports to date of valve failures that have resulted in injury or damage.

Hansen H5600A, H5601, H5602, H5600R, H5602R, and H5632R valves with serial numbers 02B11 through 04B13 are susceptible, regardless of pressure setting.

If you possess valves with any of the noted serial numbers, please contact a service provider, contractor, or company from which you have purchased these valves. If you have distributed the above-referenced valves to other parties, please forward this notice to those parties promptly so that they can take the steps outlined in this notice. This recall does not apply to H5613, H5604, H5633R, H5634R, and EZ-SRV relief valves.

Publication date: 9/2/2013