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Refrigerant Line Sets can Cause Compressor Failures

Understanding refrigerant piping for air conditioners and heat pumps is easy. It is also necessary in order to perform service correctly, and perhaps to spot the service errors of others. Among other things, an incorrectly sized line set can lead to premature compressor failures. This article is intended to give you a very general overview of piping design considerations and help you to determine when you might need to take extra measures during an installation.

How to Make Your Customers Work for You

Ask yourself, how many sales reps do you think the typical residential HVAC contractor has on staff? If you guessed one or two (maybe more, depending on the season), then you’re not even close. The average contractor has closer to 5,000 reps and doesn’t realize it. This is too bad, because these reps don’t expect commissions. Why not? Because they don’t know they’re sales reps. They think of themselves as customers.

Ten Steps to Installing a High-Velocity HVAC System

To fully understand how to install a high-velocity HVAC system, one must know what it is and what it does. Basically, it is a small duct, high-velocity airflow heating and cooling system designed to fit in structures that have space constraints or architectural limitations or requirements. Many home designers choose such a system because they do not have to design a unique structure to hide the heating and cooling sys-
tem components.

Sell More With Persuasive Presentations

If you and your sales team desire increased sales without increasing call frequency, you only have one choice — excel at persuasive presentations. Recently I conducted sales presentation training for a technology company. Their business is strong, and they have an experienced sales team. But few of them truly understood the basic mechanics of persuasive presentations. As such, they were leaving dollars on the table at every call.

Publication date: 8/26/2013

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